November 3, 2022
Apple Passkeys to Replace Traditional Passwords using Face ID and Touch ID

Apple Unveils its Password-Free Future with Face ID and Touch ID Sign Ups

Apple Passkeys will take the place of passwords, using Face ID and Touch ID, in combination with iCloud keychain protocols…

Apple is taking its first steps toward a password-free future. At its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last year, the company revealed it would allow people to sign into websites without having to create new character credentials. Instead, consumers would rely on Face ID and Touch ID to sign up or sign into sites. Now, Apple is taking that initiative a step further with password-less sign ups.

Apple Passkeys to Replace Traditional Passwords using Face ID and Touch ID

In a developer session titled “Move beyond passwords,” Apple showed off a new tech is calls “Passkeys.” When people visit a website that supports the new security standards, they can enter their desired username and then use Face ID or Touch ID — rather than creating a password — to authenticate their identity. Passkeys is coming to iPhone, iPad, and Macs later this year as a technology preview, so consumer will have to turn it on manually, because it will be disabled by default.

Passkeys is part of the iCloud keychain and the tech is partially based on FIDO or the Fast IDentity Online Alliance’s WebAuthn protocol. Which means, any site outside this ecosystem won’t support Passkeys and still rely on old fashioned passwords. Google and Microsoft have also taken steps away from passwords, using biometric authentication and hardware, as well.

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