January 15, 2021
Apple Pay

Apple Pay to Surpass Starbucks as the Most Popular Mobile Payment Method in the US

Apple Pay is set to overtake Starbucks as the single-most used mobile payment system in the United States, with Google Pay coming in far behind…

For quite some time, the most popular mobile payment app in the United States was actually Starbucks. That’s right. But, this will soon change, according to eMarketer, which forecasts Apple Pay to take the lead.

Apple Pay Set to Outpace Starbucks as the Number One Mobile Payment Source in the United States

Apple Pay first surpassed Starbucks last year, with 27.7 million Americans preferring the mobile payment app. Now, the company estimates that figure will increase to 30.3 million users in the United States, accounting for 47.3 percent of all mobile payment users. 

Starbucks is still second, having 25.2 million, representing a percentage of 39.4 of US mobile payment users.

Meanwhile, Google Pay is on pace to hit 12.1 million users, with Samsung Pay reaching 10.8 million mobile payment users in the US.

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