September 15, 2022
Apple Releases another Update to Fix macOS Third-Party Gear Charging Issues

Apple Issues another Fix for Macbook Third-Party Charging Accessories

Apple rolls out year one more ostensible fix for charging problems associated with third-party hardware accessories that charge Macbooks…

Just recently, Apple pushed out an update to fix powered-related issues with its laptops failing to charge when using third-party accessories. Now, there’s another following that is aimed at correcting similar power-related charging problems. It’s a lesson in stepping outside Apple’s proprietary ecosystem and how third-party gear doesn’t always seamlessly integrate with the tech giant’s.

Apple Releases another Update to Fix macOS Third-Party Gear Charging Issues

The issues apparently affected 2016 and 2017 Macbooks. Those device owners using third-party hardware to charge their laptops discovered a bug prevented the gear from working. The latest update prevents damage to newer macOS models when owners use third-party laptop docking stations and hubs. Some owners reported damage to their 2019 MacBook Pros and 2020 MacBook Airs when connected to USB-C hubs and docks.

There have been many unconfirmed reports and instances like these regarding proprietary Apple equipment and third-party accessories. While most issues are relatively minor, others have been ostensibly responsible for serious damage to Apple’s gear. For instance, on a Reddit thread, several users complained their M1-powered laptops became unresponsive shortly after using third-party charging accessories to juice their devices.

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