October 1, 2022
Apple Releases iCloud Passwords Google Chrome Extension

Apple Launches an iCloud Password Extension for Google’s Chrome Browser

Apple has introduced a new tool for Chrome on Windows, a new iCloud Passwords extension that acts as a password manager and generator…

The Apple corporation has officially released a new extension for Chrome on Windows that allows users to access passwords stored with iCloud. The move comes after a leak revealed the tool would soon become available last week. As the name implies, iCloud Passwords serves users as a password manager and as a password generator, but now for use on the Chrome browser running on Windows machines.

Apple Releases iCloud Passwords Google Chrome Extension

The extension arrives along with iCloud for Windows version 12.0, which now has a “passwords” item in the list of available services. It basically brings the functionality found on Safari that already automatically generates strong login credentials for websites. Only now, it ports those capabilities over to Chrome on Windows. What’s more, any new passwords created on Chrome for Windows will sync up with iCloud, meaning they can also be used on Apple Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

This is one of the few Apple products that have made their way into the Windows ecosystem, like the Apple TV+ for the Xbox. Apple is reportedly in the early stages of development for new media apps that work on Windows, according to a recent job listing.

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