December 4, 2021
Apple Reportedly Developing Proprietary Search Engine to Reduce Reliance on Google

Apple is Quietly Working On its Own Search Engine to Get Away from Relying on Google

Apple is busy at building its very own search engine in order to lessen its reliance on Google, which pays the company billions currently…

Google reportedly pays Apple between $8 and $12 billion per year to be the default search engine on iOS. But, with the US Department of Justice pursuing an antitrust case against Google, Apple is apparently taking the opportunity to go out on its own with a proprietary search engine. This lines up with many rumors that have persisted over the past few years.

Apple Reportedly Developing Proprietary Search Engine to Reduce Reliance on Google

Now, it’s more likely Apple is fast-tracking its own search product. A recent report by the Financial Times summarizes Apple’s efforts to foray into the search market.  The company has already hired multiple individuals with extensive experience in search engine development, including ex-Googlers, of course. Plus, Apple has expanded its job postings related to same. What’s more, the FT reports there’s been a strong uptick in Applebot activity, a web crawler similar to Googlebot and Bingbot. 

Furthermore, Apple also recently change the way searches are performed on iPhones. Now, instead of the first web results coming from Google, the answers come from Apple. (Although this is only apparently happening on iOS 14 at this time.)

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