October 23, 2021
Apple Safari 3rd-party cookie blocker

Apple Reveals a Full Third-Party Cookie Blocker for its Safari Browser

Apple announces its new proprietary Intelligent Tracking Prevention, a tool that will block all third-party cookie access…

Although Google Chrome dominates the internet browser market share, with nearly 67 percent, according to Net Market Share,  its competitors aren’t idling sitting by without putting up a fight. Instead, other web portals, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari have consistently introduced new features designed to attract more users. Now, Apple’s Safari is offering a big incentive to switch over.

Apple Safari 3rd-Party Cookie Blocker Announced

Apple has built a new technology it calls Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which specifically blocks third-party cookies. However, it allows access to cross-site cookies for services and features users have already opted into previously. (These include such things as payment preferences, subscriptions, as well as widgets.)

What this means is that Safari users can go about their web browsing as usual. For instance, continuing to use their saved debit or credit cards but while enjoying blocking third-party cookies from advertisers.

The technology doesn’t allow arbitrary cookie access. Rather, the Storage Access API prohibits random third-parties to circumvent its measures. It disables cross-site request forgery attacks, and it also removes the ability to go through an auxiliary third-party domain to identify individual users. 

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