August 6, 2022
Apple Safari Desktop Browser Second-Place Market Share Threatened by Rival Microsoft Edge

Apple’s Safari Desktop Browser is on the Verge of Losing its Second-Place Market Share to this Competitor

Apple’s desktop Safari browser has long-held second place in market share but Microsoft Edge might overtake its position…

Apple’s Safari desktop browser might not be nearly as popular as Google Chrome’s desktop web portal, but it has long held its second-place market share stature as competitors have struggled to gain larger footprints. However, a very familiar rival has been able to successfully consolidate its internet access products and it’s paying real dividends. Unsurprisingly, that long-standing competitor is none other than software giant Microsoft.

Apple Safari Desktop Browser Second-Place Market Share Threatened by Rival Microsoft Edge

As it has stood for quite some time now, Google Chrome is the most popular browser for desktop machines, currently claiming 65.38% of market share around the globe. Presently, Safari is the second most used desktop web portal, though seriously lagging behind with 9.84% market share. But, Microsoft Edge has been gaining ground over the last several months and now claims 9.54% of desktop browser market share.

While that’s certainly better than the 9.18% market share Firefox holds with its desktop web portal (which is already up from 8.1% in January of 2021), it isn’t enough to stave off others by any measure. Conversely, Safari actually lost users over the same period, Because it previously held a market share of 10.38% in January of last year. Should these two trends continue, Safari will slip into third, perhaps fourth place in relatively short order.

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