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Apple is the Latest to Stop Flash Support for its Safari Browser

Apple Safari drops Flash support for its latest browser

Credit: Forbes

Apple will no longer support Flash technology for its Safari browser, joining in with many other companies as they move away from the software…

Once ubiquitous, Flash continues to disappear from many places on the web. Adobe Flash has been dying for years now but it’s still found in some of the most prominent locations. That list is dwindling faster and faster.

Now, Apple, the company that first ostracized the software, is taking another step away. The company’s latest Safari Technology Preview does not include Flash support.

Apple Safari Drops Flash Support for its Latest Browser Preview

The most recent version of the Apple Safari browser does not support Adobe Flash. It’s only one of many that have removed support over the past few years due to its numerous vulnerabilities and security shortcomings.

Apple first parted ways with Flash about thirteen years ago, in 2007, when it made iOS available without the software.

Although, users probably won’t miss a beat. Flash has been on the chopping block for quite some time with various products and services. In fact, it’s necessary to install the technology as a plugin. So, it’s not baked-in as part of the experience.

Adobe, the creator of Flash, is also moving on, ready to pull the plug by the end of this year.

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