September 21, 2022
Apple Safari Sling TV support

Apple Safari Users can Now Stream Sling TV on the Web

Apple Safari Sling TV support for viewing on the web through the browser, creating an alternative to its Mac app…

It’s now possible to watch Sling TV on the Apple Safari desktop browser. Subscribers can view both live and on-demand content right on the web.

The Dish-owned over-the-top internet TV provider already sports support for both Chrome and Edge. Now, it works for Apple Safari and serves as an alternative to its Mac app.

Apple Safari Sling TV Support goes Live for Desktop Viewing

The new Apple Safari Sling TV support works with versions 11.1 or later. (It won’t work with earlier versions of Safari, though.)

It’s not much of a change. But, it does at least eliminate the need to download a separate app and keep-up with its updates. Plus, it’s possible to watch from a laptop or desktop machine.

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