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After the Launch of News+, Apple will Retire Digital Magazine App Texture on May 28th 2019

Apple shutting down Texture digital magazine app May 28th 2019

Credit: Google Play / Next Issue Media

Next Issue Media app Texture is warning its users the subscription service will shut down on May 28th, now that Apple News+ is available…

It’s a tough break for people who don’t live in the Apple ecosystem. Next Issue Media, the group behind digital subscription service Texture, are warning customers the app will shut down on May 28th.

Apple Shutting Down Texture Digital Magazine App May 28th 2019

Apple just launched its latest offering, Apple News+ and that means there’s no room (as the company sees it) for two like services.

Although, there’s a bit of silver lining to the cloud. Texture users receive a month-long free News+ trial. (It’s the same offer everyone else gets; so it’s not really much of a condolence.) 

To make matters worse, to take advantage of the free Apple News+ trial, Texture subscribers will have to do more than simply download an app. Since there’s no support for Android or Windows, it’s necessary to buy an iOS mobile device or purchase a Mac.

Of course, the probably — even possibility — of a Texture subscriber laying out hundreds to thousands of dollars simply to get a free month of content, is practically nonexistence.

Instead, users will most likely transition to another app, rather than incur unnecessary expense.

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