January 25, 2022
Apple ties up Chinese App Store loophole and thousands of apps disappear

Apple Closed a Loophole in the Chinese App Store, and Now, Thousands of Apps will Disappear

Apple is about to delete thousands of programs from its Chinese App Store, as a result of a policy by that country’s government…

Starting in July, Apple will pull down thousands of mobile applications from its Chinese App Store. The company will do this in order to comply with the rules of the foreign state, according to a recent news report by Bloomberg. Until then, the current loophole developers exploited will continue. However, can creators take action to have their applications legitimized.

Apple Ties Up Chinese App Store Loophole and Thousands of Apps will Disappear

The measures are expected to impact at least one-third of the reported 60,000 games hosted on Apple’s Chinese App Store. But, this isn’t a surprise to developers. Apple already sent out reminders back in February, telling creators they needed to obtain the appropriate licenses by June 30th. Otherwise, their programs would be removed and banned.

Said loophole has so-far allowed developers to earn money from their apps because it takes months for the Chinese government to review and approve licenses. During that period, developers previously didn’t have to worry about action against them. Though, this is changing and will likely have a huge, negative impact as the Chinese market comprised approximately 20 percent of Apple’s App Store earnings last year.

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