June 24, 2022
Apple TV Plus AR Content Reportedly being Integrated into Shows

Apple Rumored to be Working on AR Content for its TV+ Shows

Apple TV Plus might just be developing augmented reality content to blend into its shows, which is scheduled to debut of its headset…

It appears that Apple will introduce bonus augmented reality content into its Apple TV+ streaming service next year. If it materializes, it will take characters and/or objects from its own television shows and integrated them into viewers’ home environments through a phone or tablet. For example, it might bring a virtual lunar rover into subscribers’ living rooms during a scene from the service’s moon exploration show¬†For All Mankind.¬†

Apple TV Plus AR Content Reportedly being Integrated into Shows

The supposed upcoming Apple TV+ augmented reality embellishments was originally slated to debut later this year. However, the feature had to be delayed, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak and shutdown combination substantially impacted both software, as well as, content production. So now, it’s tentatively coming to customers’ experiences next year.

Also, Apple is reportedly planning to launch an AR headset in 2022. It will work for gaming, entertainment, along with other applications, like Zoom-type meeting. That will give plenty for developers to work with and could potentially change the streaming service landscape. But, these plans could always stall out or fall through completely.

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