November 28, 2021
Apple Updates its Developer Policy to Allow 6-Month App Pre-Orders

Apple Now Allows iOS Users to Pre-Order Apps from the Store Up to Six Months in Advance

Apple has made a change to its App Store rules that lets developers pre-sell their iOS and mac OS programs up to six months in advance…

Back in 2017, Apple launched app pre-orders for iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. It was a welcome addition, one that let people procure apps as soon as they come out. Now, the tech giant is going a bit further, extending the time limit up to 180 days from the previous 90 days. With the change, developers will be able to drum up more interest in their products way before they’re ready for release.

Apple Updates its Developer Policy to Allow 6-Month App Pre-Orders

Apple’s new app pre-order window of six months will not only permit developers to promote their premium products, but free services, as well. Customers won’t be charged for apps until they are ready for download and can cancel their order if they change their minds. Once the app rolls out, customers will receive a notification their purchases will automatically download on their devices within 24 hours. Apple writes on its developer blog:

“Now you can let customers pre-order your app up to 180 days before it’s released for download on the App Store. Take advantage of this longer lead time to build more excitement for your app’s features, services, and content, and to encourage more pre-orders. Once your app is released, customers will be notified and it will automatically download to their device within 24 hours.”

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