November 4, 2022
apple updating macs to remove insecure software

Apple is Quietly Updating Macs to Remove Insecure Software from Zoom’s Partners, RingCentral and Zhumu

Apple is in the midst of pushing out new updates to remove insecure software by Zoom partners RingCentral and Zhumu…

Tech giant Apple has told The Verge it has secretly sent out security updates to Mac computers to remove software automatically installed by RingCentral and Zhumu. These are video conferencing apps which use technology from Zoom, meaning, they have the same security flaws.

Apple Updating Macs to Remove Insecure Software from Zoom’s Partners

The reason behind the quite push to remove the software from Macs which can be exploited to take commands from websites to open users’ webcams in group video calls without those users’ manual actions.

Recently, additional issues have been discovered in partner apps of Zoom. The Verge reports:

“Since then, Zoom itself has been scrambling to come to the right solution for users — including an about-face on whether such an update was even necessary in the first place. It ultimately decided that it was worth the update, but couldn’t remove software for users that had uninstalled its main app, which is why Apple had to step in.”

This all basically comes from a workaround which required Safari users to approve opening third-party apps. Zoom sought to get around the requirement, hence the problems arose.

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