September 22, 2021
Apple US Retail Stores to Remain Closed until Early May

Apple’s Retail Locations to Stay Closed until Early May, Company Exec Says

Apple will keep its retail spots closed for the rest of the month of April and tentatively into May, according to a company executive…

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, many aspects of everyday life have either been altered, suspended, or come to a complete stop. One such example is the maker of the iPhone, Apple, which will not reopen any of its retail locations that are located outside of China, particularly in the United States.

Apple US Retail Stores to Remain Closed until Early May

Late last month, reports surfaced of Apple’s plans to keep its shops closed, with the exception of China. (It’s already reopened all forty-two of its retail locations in China.) But, it’s currently intending to stay closed up until at least early May in the US.

Apple SVP Deirdre O’Brien has told retail employees that its stores in the United States won’t reopen through April, due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

O’Brien wrote in a memo:

“For all of our retail stores outside of Greater China, we will reopen our stores on a staggered basis. At this time, we anticipate some stores may be able to open in the first half of April depending on the conditions in their community. We will provide updates for each store as soon as specific dates are established.”

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