September 30, 2022
Apple's iOS 15 Still Greatly Restricts Default App Choices

Even with Apple’s Release of iOS 15, iPhone Owners can’t Choose Many Default Apps

Apple’s iOS 15 is scheduled to roll out but with its improvements come a few drawbacks, particularly the inability to choose default apps…

Apple’s iOS 15 definitely brings some welcome changes and updates. However, it’s not letting go of its stranglehold on default applications. Apple is well known for its snubbing of third-party mobile apps. So much, the company was just handed a loss in its legal battle against Epic Games. With its new iOS 15 platform, FaceTime is getting more robust and Safari will now support some helpful third-party extensions. But, when it comes to selecting a preferred default app, that’s still very limited.

Apple’s iOS 15 Still Greatly Restricts Default App Choices

Currently (and for many, many years) Apple’s interface restricted which apps could be set to the default. The tech giant did loosen its grip, not much has changed at all. Until somewhat relatively recently, iPhone owners were stuck with factory-set default apps for many key utilities. Those, in particular, are default email, web browser, music, and maps. Although Apple now allows switching over email and browser defaults, choices are nowhere to be found in iOS 15 for music, maps, and other functions.

In iOS 15, people can now teach Siri which music app they most prefer. Yet, that’s not the same as setting a default. Instead, the latest iteration merely continues the lockdown, preventing people from setting other applications as their default choice within the iOS system.

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