July 28, 2021
Apple's Shazam App Preparing to Remove Facebook Sign-In for Its Android App

Shazam, Owned by Apple, will Soon No Longer Support Facebook Sign-In on Android

A recent dig into the code of Apple’s Shazam app reveals the company will remove support for Facebook sign-ins on its Android app…

It sure looks like Shazam users won’t be able to sign into their accounts with their Facebook credentials on Android in the not-too-distant future. The folks over at 9to5Google went through the app’s code and have discovered the Apple subsidiary is indeed working to remove support for Facebook logins.

Apple’s Shazam App Preparing to Remove Facebook Sign-In for Its Android App

The past few builds of the Shazam app consistently show that the Apple-owned company won’t support Facebook sign-ins for much longer. However, the change isn’t live yet on the stable release. But, once it goes into effect, anyone using Facebook to login will see a message that reads, “Shazam accounts created with Facebook are no longer supported.”

This, followed by instructions to “Import Shazams from your old account to this device.” That process, oddly enough, involves logging in with Facebook and then creating new account “to back up your music.” Previously, there was code to sign-in with Google as an alternative, but that’s disappeared.

The change will follow Apple’s prior moves to end support for all third-party SDKs or software development kits. Recently, a Facebook SDK issue was thought to be causing crashes on TikTok, Tinder, Pinterest, and other apps.

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