December 3, 2021

Apple’s Software Guru again Warns Against Sideloading Apps

Apple’s top people are again arguing against the ability of iOS owners being able to sideload apps, but ignore a very stark security reality…

Apple is once again railing against the possibility of opening iOS devices up to sideloading apps. Speaking at the recent Web Summit 2021 conference, Apple’s head of software engineering Craig Federighi alleged, “Sideloading is a cyber criminal’s best friend and requiring that on iPhone would be a gold rush for the malware industry.” Later adding, “criminals are clever, and they’re really good at hiding in plain sight.”

Apple’s Software Engineering Chief Craig Federighi Reiterates Sideloading Apps Presents too Much Risk

Apple’s Federighi sounded the alarm because the company is in real danger of being forced to allow sideloading apps on iOS devices due to the European Commission’s proposed Digital Markets Act. But, this wouldn’t necessarily open iOS owners up to massive amounts of schemes. (Though,  the number of cases is certainly more likely, regardless of security protocols.) 

What’s more, Federighi’s argument ignores the fact that the Apple App Store isn’t entirely scam-free. In fact, eighteen of the top one-thousand highest-grossing apps in the App Store are guilty of stealing a whopping $50 million from trusting users. Of course, this proves that there simply is no truly safe space because cybercriminals are willing to exploit any digital platform.

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