June 21, 2022

Unbelievable: Millions of People are Still Running Windows XP, Even though it’s Severely Outdated and Unsecured

More than twenty-five million Windows users are still on XP, a greater percent than Windows 8, Vista, and ChromeOS, despite being unsecured…

It was 19 years ago that Microsoft first released Windows XP. The operating system, now just a year shy of two decades old, is actually more alive and well than anyone would probably believe. Of course, it’s no longer updated, meaning that the last new iterations rolled out many years ago. Still, millions of people are running the nearly 20-year-old operating system, despite the fact that it is not secure.

Approximately 25 Million PCs are Still Running The Unsecured Windows XP OS

According to the latest data by NetMarketShare, approximately 1.26 percent of all PCs continue to operate on Windows XP. That equates to approximately 25.2 million machines still relying on the severely outdated and unsafe software. Even more surprisingly, that percentage is greater than its younger software package, Windows 8. That old windows OS is still alive on 0.57 percent (11.4 million) of all personal computers.

But, the shock doesn’t by any means end there. Another successor, Windows Vista, currently runs on about 0.12 percent or 2.4 million, of all Windows machines around the world. (Its support ended more than three years ago, in April of 2017.) Windows XP is even managing to outperform ChromeOS with a greater-use percentage, which currently has a market share of around 0.42 percent or 8.4 million personal computers worldwide.

Support for Windows XP officially ended in mid April of 2014. Microsoft’s newest iteration, Windows 10, is now on approximately 60 percent of all PCs across the globe. That equals out to around 1.2 billion machines with the latest windows software, just to put the numbers in perspective.

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