September 21, 2021
AT&T user location data

Some AT&T and Cricket Customers are being Told their Location Data was Used by Third-Parties via Text Message

AT&T user location data is being sold off to third-parties and the wireless company promised to stop the practice but apparently, not yet…

Recent news headlines have alerted the public to the fact major wireless carriers are selling off user information to third-parties. On the heels of those reports, AT&T promised to end the practice. However, some customers are receiving strange text messages with unsettling news.

AT&T and Cricket Notify Customers their Location Data was Used by Third-Parties

What’s most unnerving about the messages, is customers are told they’ve somehow opted into sharing their location data with third parties. Although, many customers who have taken to forums and even Reddit to voice their concerns.

AT&T third-party location data sharing message

Some customers report receiving multiple messages even though they’ve never explicitly given their permission to share their location data. But, the message clearly states recipients have given their consent to share “phone location or other subscriber, account, and device data” with third parties.

While it’s certainly no secret wireless companies collect user data, the practice of selling said data largely remains ambiguous. Social media platforms do the same, as do search engines, like Google. In fact, Google and Facebook are notorious for collecting all sorts of user data. After all, as the saying goes, when the service is free, the customer is the product.

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