October 23, 2021
ATT automatic robocall blocking

AT&T Announces Automatic Robocall Blocking for New Customers with Existing Subscribers Getting the Perk in the Coming Months

AT&T has announced it will now automatically block robocalls for new customers, with existing subscribers getting the tool in the coming months…

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission passed a rule allowing telecoms to automatically block robocalls. Now, AT&T is putting that power to use, announcing it will automatically block spam calls.

AT&T Automatic Robocall Blocking Announced

AT&T states it will soon automatically prevent spam calls from getting through, at no extra charge, and for new customers. (Existing customers will also get the benefit over the next few months.)

The tool is already available through the AT&T Call Protect app or by enabling it through myAT&T account settings. For those who don’t want the feature, they will have to opt out.

It’s likely other carriers will follow AT&T but could do so by charging fees.

Joan Marsh, executive vice president of regulatory and state external affairs for AT&T Communications, said:

“The FCC has been a tremendous partner in the war on robocalls. The Commission’s recent action builds on a years-long effort to enable broader adoption of call-blocking tools and allow providers to better protect their customers and networks. AT&T remains committed to working with our government and industry partners in the ongoing battle against unwanted and illegal robocalls.”

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