April 28, 2021
ATT call validation system will identify spoofed robocall for some Android phones

AT&T’s Call Validation System can Identify Spoofed Robocalls on these Android Phones

AT&T customers with these types of Android phones can expect the carrier’s call validation system to warn them about spoofed robocalls…

The ongoing war against robocalls just got another ally. AT&T is stepping up its fight against the nuisance by enabling call verification for some Android phones.

AT&T Call Validation System to Identify Spoofed Robocalls on Some Android Phones

AT&T will activate a caller validation protocol that takes direct aim at spoofed robocalls. It will use its technological prowess to pick out robocallers spoofing local numbers, something known as neighborhood spoofing. (When an automated call system fakes a local area code and prefix to make it appear legitimate.)

AT&T will use its call verification in tandem with SHAKEN/STIR system. If real, phones will display a green check-mark, along with a “Valid number” label.

But, the spoofed robocall alert system is only compatible with a limited number of Android phones, which include: Galaxy S10, S10+, and LG V40. Also, customers with AT&T’s digital home service will have call validation.

Other wireless carriers are doing their part to stop the scourge of spoofed robocalls. Moreover, device makers are likewise helping out. For instance, Google is bringing its automatic Call Screen to all Pixel devices running Android 10.

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