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Alexa Now Supports Voice Calls for AT&T Customers

ATT Customers can Now Use Alexa to Make Phone Calls


Alexa smart speakers can now make voice calls for AT&T customers, expanding on an existing feature that’s been available since 2017…

AT&T customers can now link their phone numbers to Alexa devices to make voice calls. Once set up, it’s also possible to receive calls from their smart speakers. While this isn’t necessarily new (Echo devices have been able to call both mobile and landlines at no charge for three years now), this represents a deeper integration. Basically, it transforms Alexa devices into an extension of smart phones.

AT&T Customers can Now Use Alexa to Make Phone Calls

This is the first time that Amazon has brought this type of function to the United States. The company already introduced this feature abroad in the United Kingdom and Germany, where Vodaphone OneNumber customers can also link their mobile accounts to Alexa speakers. So, the e-commerce giant is merely expanding the option to more people in one of its largest markets.

Although there is some convenience to this ability, Amazon doesn’t have the best track when it comes to privacy. So, people might think twice about linking their phone numbers to Alexa devices.

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