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AT&T Exempting HBO Max Streaming from its Customers’ Data Caps (because it Owns WarnerMedia, which Owns HBO)

ATT Exempting HBO Max Streaming from Data Caps

Credit: PCMag / WarnerMedia

AT&T will spare its customers paying for overages by excluding HBO Max streaming in data limits but that’s not the same for Netflix, Disney Plus, or others…

Something that much of the public doesn’t know is the fact that streaming companies must pay mobile carriers to prevent their customers from exceeding data caps. In other words, someone must pay for the data usage and streaming services opt to do this on behalf of their viewers so those customers don’t incur data overage fees. 

AT&T Exempting HBO Max Streaming from Data Caps

AT&T has recently confirmed to The Verge, that since it now owns WarnerMedia — which owns HBO — it will exempt the new HBO Max streaming service from data caps. Furthermore, this will apply to soft data caps that are part of AT&T’s “unlimited” plans. 

However, this policy doesn’t apply to other streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+, or others. This means if those streaming companies don’t pay the fees, all traffic coming from them would indeed count against customers’ data limits. Consequently, this could be construed as providing an unfair advantage to AT&T and HBO Max in the streaming marketplace.

However, people can avoid such overage fees simply by downloading television shows and movies to their devices, which helps prevent going over data limits.

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