November 4, 2022
DirecTV 1 million Q3 2019 forecast subscriber loss

AT&T to Lose 1.1 Million DirecTV Subscribers as Customers Flee

AT&T is expected to shed 1.1 million paying customers leaving DirecTV in the third-quarter of this year, as consumers turn away from legacy platforms…

Telecommunications giant A&T projects it will lose 1.1 million DirecTV customers in the third-quarter of this year.

AT&T Forecast to Lose 1.1 Million DirecTV Subscribers in Q3 2019

During a shareholder update conducted yesterday, AT&T CFO John Stephens “said the company expects an incremental 300,000 to 350,000 premium video losses above the previous quarter’s premium video results,” according to AT&T. 

In the second quarter of this year, the telecom reported a net loss of 778,000 subscribers in its “Premium TV” section, which includes two services — DirecTV satellite and U-verse wireless TV.

Combined, the total number of lost AT&T video subscribers fell from 25.4 million in Q2 2018 to 22.9 million in Q2 2019. Should the third-quarter estimate materialize, the total would decrease by about 21.8 million thereafter.

Just a couple of months ago,  AT&T raised its DirecTV prices and lost nearly 1 million subscribers.

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