September 21, 2022
AT&T Introduces New 'Unlimited Your Way' Wireless Plans

AT&T’s New Flexible Share Plans can Save Customers some Serious Cash

AT&t has introduced some new customizable wireless plans that will save customers with multiple lines significant money…

Just this past weekend, mobile telecom AT&T introduced new wireless plans for customers with multiple lines. Basically, these allow existing and new customers to choose different tiers within one overall multi-line plan. These can help consumers save money, because the new structure breaks with the traditional way that mobile providers typically bill their customers. Instead of every line having the exact same parameters, each individual line can select their own tier.

AT&T Introduces New ‘Unlimited Your Way’ Wireless Plans

This is a fairly obvious but brilliant strategy on AT&T’s part. Rather than clumping every person into the exact same speed and limits on a multi-line plan, there’s now flexible options. So if it’s multi-generational use, Grandma and Grandpa can stick with a smaller option, while the grand-kids can go bigger in order to stream video and play games. Basically, the company is no longer forcing people into one-size-fits-all plans.

With AT&T’s new Unlimited Your Way plans, customers on the same account can choose from one of three selections: Starter, Extra, or Elite. All three come with unlimited talk, text, and data in the United States. Of course, there’s a caveat. Customers on the cheaper options will be deprioritized, because they don’t include as much high-speed hotspot data. Learn more about AT&T’s new Unlimited Your Way plans on the company’s website.

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