August 4, 2022
ATT is Sending Out a Misleading Urgent Upgrade Notice to Some Customers

AT&T is Trying to Scaremonger its Customers into Buying New Phones Right Now, Even as People Struggle to Pay Bills

AT&T is telling some of its wireless customers their devices aren’t compatible with the company’s new network, but leaves out a very important detail…

As the global pandemic continues to disrupt day-to-day life and crush entire economies, AT&T has decided now is the best time to send some of its customers into a totally unnecessary panic.

The telecom is warning a portion of its wireless subscribers about their devices’ compatibility with its new network. And, they need to immediately take action in order to “continue receiving service.” But, the notification conveniently omits one key and very important detail.

AT&T is Shamelessly Sending Out a Misleading Urgent Upgrade Notice to Some Customers

The warning email and push notification are worded the same, though poorly. However, it definitely gets the point across that certain customers’ handset won’t work soon. In fact, the message contains bold text that explicitly states:

“…your device ending in XXXX is not compatible with the new network and you need to replace it to continue receiving service.”

Although, the communication does not give recipients the complete picture. It leaves out the fact that this network change won’t affect customers until sometime in February of 2022. Instead, the corporation just links to that critical bit of information.

So, if the recipient doesn’t click through and read all the details, he or she would surely conclude upgrading right away is necessary. But, it isn’t, because the network change over won’t happen for more than a year and a half. This high-pressure sales scare tactic shouldn’t come as a surprise, given this is the same company that displayed a misleading 5GE badge on its phones for some time.

misleading att email urging wireless customers to upgrade their devices
Credit: Android Police

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