August 5, 2022
ATT Says its 5G Network is Now Available Nationwide across the US

AT&T Says its New 5G Network is Now Live ‘Nationwide’

AT&T has announced that its new 5G mobile network is now available ‘nationwide,’ after adding forty new markets, bringing it up to 395 total…

After shamelessly trying to scare its customers into unnecessary phone upgrades, AT&T hit a milestone with its real 5G network. (Not the misleading 5GE or Evolution branding it peddled for several months, until May of this year, when it finally dropped the charade.)

AT&T Says its 5G Network is Now Available Nationwide across the US

The company added another forty markets this week, bringing the total up to nearly four-hundred. This extension covers approximately 205 million customers. Although certainly an accomplishment, T-Mobile was the first to roll out a 5G nationwide network in December of last year. By comparison, it’s better than competitor Verizon, with its “ultra wideband” 5G in only 35 cities.

The problem with the new mobile networks is not all of them are the same. There are different capabilities of 5G, essentially breaking down into three tiers, which basically include high band, mid band, and low band. The telecom giant writes on its website:

“AT&T 5G offers nationwide connectivity, so whether you’re at home or on-the-go, you’ll enjoy 5G coverage in more places. 2 And 5G’s speed means fast downloads and very little lag time for all your on-demand entertainment and favorite mobile games. Increased capacity capabilities of 5G will ultimately bring more bandwidth to handle all your devices at once – from your smartphone, to your smart watch, to your connected car and beyond!”

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