September 23, 2021
ATT sued for selling customer location data

International Digital Rights Group Files Lawsuit against AT&T for Selling Customer Location Data

AT&T is being sued for allegedly selling its customers’ location data by international digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation…

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a lawsuit against telecom AT&T for allegedly selling customer location data. The group filed the civil action on behalf of AT&T customers in California.

AT&T Sued for Selling Customer Location Data

Back in January, news headlines alerted the public to the fact major wireless carriers were selling off user information to third-parties. On the heels of those reports, AT&T promised to end the practice.

Sometime thereafter, some customers received strange text messages with unsettling news. It confirmed to customers the practice did in-fact happen.

So, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile were sued, alleging the defendants violated federal communications law by sharing customer phone numbers, account information, and location data.

The latest legal action brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, also names LocationSmart and Zumigo as defendants. The suit reads, in-part, “AT&T has knowingly breached its duties to protect Plaintiffs’ sensitive location data in order to profit from it.”

The pleading also alleges the data sold, ostensibly meant for tracking emergency calls, was used for selling said data for commercial use without customer authorization.

The plaintiffs seek to create a class including AT&T customers living in the state of California since 2011, who number in the millions.

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