December 7, 2021
AT&T Switches All Android Phones to Google Messages' App for RCS

AT&T Follows T-Mobile by Switching All Android Phones to Google Messages’ App for RCS

AT&T has joined rival T-Mobile in switching all of its Android Phones over to Google’s Messages app for RCS, with end-to-end encryption…

AT&T mobile and tech giant Google have announced all Android phones on the network will now use Android (or Google) Messages for SMS and RCS services. T-Mobile did the same earlier in the year, in March, which means Verizon is the only major US carrier which hasn’t committed to switch over its customers to Google (or Android) Messages by default.

AT&T Switches All Android Phones to Google Messages’ App for RCS

The change has another benefit. It introduces real interoperability with RCS on other networks. AT&T has supported RCS technology for some time now, but strangely hasn’t fully implemented the system. Additionally, this means AT&T customers will enjoy the benefits of end-to-end encryption, which Google has already started to roll out and will complete by the end of the year. 

For those unfamiliar, RCS or Rich Communication Services is Google’s ideal medium for replacing SMS or short message service. This is because RCS offers substantial advantages like no character limits, sends larger files, shows typing indicators, offers better group chats, Wi-Fi support, and includes end-to-end encryption for one-on-one chats.

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