October 2, 2022
ATT pulling popular tv shows from streaming rivals

These 3 Popular TV Shows might No Longer be Available on AT&T Rival Streaming Services

AT&T says it will bring some television shows back in-house, pulling them away from other streaming services, like Netflix…

Bad news for fans of the sitcom Friends. AT&T chief Randall Stephenson said at a JPMorgan conference the company will pull owned media rights shows from competitors.

AT&T to Pull Television Shows from Streaming Competitors

The announcement comes as more information about the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service trickles out.

Although little is known about the future streaming service, it won’t include originals, at least until 2020. Which means it will heavily rely on established hits, which include shows like Friends

Stephenson said at the conference AT&T “will be bringing” a good portion of its media rights to its in-house product. The company expects this new, yet unnamed streaming service, to become a huge driver, attracting millions and millions of customers.

Stephenson didn’t list any specific titles. But, it’s not difficult to discern which are the most likely to be pulled from competitors. For instance, Netflix only has rights to Friends through 2019. However, the company did mention Big Bang Theory and Seindfeld as possibilities.

It’s a gamble, given Disney+ will debut this November and consumers already show clear signs of subscription fatigue. Meaning, WarnerMedia will have to give people more reasons to leave rivals Amazon and Netflix.

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