September 16, 2022
Automated Twitter Audio and Video Captions to Debut in Early 2021

Twitter is Working to Bring Automated Captions for Audio and Video

Twitter is developing a system that will automatically caption audio and video posts, tentatively scheduled to roll out early next year…

Beginning in early 2021, there won’t be a need to skip past videos (or audio content) because earbuds aren’t handy to listen privately. Twitter has announced it is working on a new system that will automatically caption both video and audio. When it debuts, it will allow people to read what’s being said in the audio or video post, without having to blast speakers or hunting down headphones.

Automated Twitter Audio and Video Captions to Debut in Early 2021

The coming automated captioning for Twitter is an extension of voice tweets, which the social microblog released back in June. (Though, that feature was limited to a small group of users on iOS.) But, it was this tool that led Twitter to expand its captioning capabilities. VP Dalana Brand and Kayvon Beylpour, Product Lead, write on the official Twitter blog: 

“Beyond staffing our teams, we’re already working to add automated captions to audio and video by early 2021. This lays the foundation for a longer-term roadmap that invests broadly in media accessibility throughout our service. We’ve partnered with external groups and over the coming months we’ll be gathering feedback from people with disabilities via interviews, surveys, and doing remote usability studies of new prototypes.”

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