October 23, 2021
Chrome 64 automatic link shortener

Chrome 64 Now Automatically Trims Down Super-Long Links for Sharing

A newly discovered Chrome 64 automatic link shortener sure aims to make sharing lengthy URLs easier but it has a slight drawback…

These days, it’s not unusual to encounter messy URLs with seemingly endless characters tacked-on to web addresses. Super-long links present a small challenge when it’s necessary to share. But now, it appears Google is doing something about it.

Chrome 64 Automatic Link Shortener Uncovered

The answer comes with the Chrome 64 automatic link shortener. It’s not a conspicuous feature. There is no dedicated button or icon to trigger it. Instead, whenever a user taps the Share menu, the magic happens. Shortened links can easily be copied to the clipboard or shared via another app. Here’s an example, courtesy of Android Police:

Chrome 64 automatic link shortener screenshot
Credit: Android Police

However, for those who really want to grab and share the entire URL, that’s still possible. Just highlight the entire link as normal and share away.

But, there is one sticking point to this new convenience. Because it shortens the original URL, it doesn’t carry over anchors. Meaning that if the original link contains an anchor to land on a specific section of a page, it won’t go right to that particular point. Instead, it will land at the top of the page.

The feature doesn’t need manual enabling, it just automatically works. And, it’s only available on mobile, the desktop version doesn’t automatically cut down long links. Chrome introduced a number of useful features with version 64. For instance, it contains sitewide audio muting and auto-redirect blocking

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