June 23, 2022
Automatic Gmail Message Bundling Feature Spotted in Beta Code

Gmail might Soon Sport this Really Helpful Feature only Previously Found in the Defunct Inbox by Gmail

Gmail could soon support a very useful feature that Google first introduced with Inbox by Gmail, automatic message bundling…

Inbox by GmailRIP — was perhaps the most revolutionary improvement on the legacy email client platform. Packed with all kinds of new features (including link saving), Inbox by Gmail showed the world just how versatile email could be to users.

With its demise, some features migrated over to Gmail, while others did not. Now, it appears one more might be resurrected. Thanks to a bit of code digging, a very popular tool could make a comeback.

Automatic Gmail Message Bundling Feature Spotted in Beta Code

Automatic Gmail message bundling could possibly return with a fresh integration into Gmail. It’s something many Inbox users loved about the service and it’s showing up in the latest Android application package or APK.

The specific code relates to automatically tagging “purchases” and “travel.” Which means, messages identified with these would be bundled together. Thus, it would organize all related communications into one location.

What’s more, it doesn’t require any manual setup by the user. Instead, it works its magic on it own, making it ideal for travel planning and many other types of real-life applications.

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