January 27, 2022
automatic Google algorithmic penalties after manual actions

Google: Automatic Algorithm Penalties could Follow Expired Manual Actions

Automatic Google algorithmic penalties might well pick up where previous manual actions left off, says an in-house webmaster trends analyst…

Google does apply manual actions to sites which violate its webmaster guidelines. Unlike algorithmic penalties, which detect bad behavior and punish sites, manual actions are specifically applied by actual people. Because of this, the search engine published a manual actions viewer in the Search Console in 2013. It details actions taken against sites.

Automatic Google Algorithmic Penalties might Follow Expired Manual Actions

John Mueller, a Google webmaster trends analysts, replying to a question posed on Twitter, confirmed that manual actions do in fact, expire. However, Mueller followed that confirmation with another important bit of information. That is, after a manual action expires, it’s entirely possible for an automatic algorithmic penalty to take over in its place.

Mueller also states that some manual actions are left to expire simply because the automated signals will pick up on unaddressed violations. So, there’s no need for humans to renew the site penalties.

For instance, a site might receive a manual action against it for bad inbound links pointing to the web property. But, because the Google Penguin algorithm is purposely designed to detect bad links, it will automatically pick up. (That is, if the site owner doesn’t take action to correct the problem.)

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