April 28, 2021
automatic google drive and photo image syncing

Automatic Image Syncing between Google Photos and Drive to End come July

This July, automatic image syncing between Google Drive and Google Photos will change, potentially bringing more work for heavy users…

Regular Google Drive and Google Photos users are in for a big change come July. For some time now, Google has maintained an option to sync images between the two services. But, in doing so, has unfortunately confused some people. So, Google is changing how the two work together.

Automatic Image Syncing between Google Photos and Drive to End come July

Next month, Google will roll out a “simplified” experience. The company will remove its link between Drive and Photos for automatic image syncing.

In other words, right now, it’s possible to change the settings in Drive to make images uploaded to Photos visible in the file storage cloud system. So, uploading pics to Photos would also show up on Drive. Deleting images on one service means deleting them on both platforms.

That will all change in July, when Google removes the option. The company won’t completely break the functionality. Instead, it will introduce an “Upload from Drive” option. That will allow images stored in Drive to be manually taken over to Photos.

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