August 4, 2022
Twitter new user mute option

Avoid Strangers and Trolls with the Twitter New User Mute Option

Users can deploy the newly introduced Twitter new user mute option to ward off trolls and strangers on the social platform, within their settings…

Twitter keeps rolling out new user features to keep more people engaged on its platform. The company introduced Direct Message requests back in May and added advanced privacy controls before that. Now, the social microblog is stepping up against strangers and trolls cutting into conversations with a new user mute feature.

Keep Strangers and Trolls at Bay with the Twitter New User Mute Option

The newest options allow users to silence newly created accounts, users not followed, and users who don’t follow. These come in addition to the network’s efforts back in March, when it released new ways to shut out accounts without profile pictures or unverified email and/or phone numbers.

Below is the list of notification filters, quoted directly from Twitter Support:

You might receive notifications from certain types of accounts you’d like to avoid. In addition to enabling the quality filter, you can choose to disable notifications from the following types of accounts:

  • Accounts that are new (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts that don’t follow you (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts you don’t follow.
  • Accounts with a default profile photo (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts without a confirmed email address (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts without a confirmed phone number (that you don’t follow).

To enable the new user mute feature, go to Notifications -> Settings -> Advanced Filters.

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