November 4, 2022
Google Translate app camera update

Google just Upgraded Its Camera Capabilities in the Google Translate App Big Time

Google has improved its camera prowess in the Google Translate app to make it even more useful in real-world situations with improved performance…

Tech giant Google has announced on its official blog it’s releasing a substantial update to the camera tool on its Translate app.

Big Google Translate App Camera Update Rolls Out

The latest app version includes support for 60 new languages. It also translates text with a less jumpy interface. Additionally, Google updated the underlying translation models, which reduces translation errors by between 55 and 85 percent.

These are welcome improvements, given regular Google Translate users routinely pull up the app to immediately translate menus, signs, and more. Previously, the app provided lower-quality translations, a buggy interface, along with limited language capabilities.

Behind the update is the integration of neural machine translation or NMT. Google has built this technology into Google Lens and the desktop platform of Translate.

What’s more, the latest version of the Google Translate app will automatically detect the target language. That’s especially useful in regions where multiple languages are commonly spoken and written.

Google says the latest update will first roll out to 1 percent of its users immediately with all others getting the upgrades in the coming weeks.

Google Translate app updates
Credit: Google

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