December 9, 2021
snapchat twitter changes

Big Snapchat, Twitter Changes Come to Struggling Social Platforms

Some very big Snapchat, Twitter changes hope to register more users and increase engagement times on the two ailing sites…

Facebook and Instagram are enjoying a big time roll. But it’s a completely different story for competitors Snapchat and Twitter. Seriously struggling financially, Twitter and Snapchat hope to right their ships. But, this will not be an easy task. 

Huge Snapchat, Twitter Changes Seek to Right the Struggling Social Platforms

Twitter is in the process of rolling out its new 280 tweet character limit; a change it announced back in September. The new 280 tweet character limit aims to rid the platform of cramming, as only 9 percent of English language tweets hit the familiar 140 limit. 

Meanwhile, Snapchat is working on a total redesign of its native iOS and Android apps. That change is due to user feedback which routinely states the app is hard to understand and difficult to use. However, no release date has been announced.

Although, it’s unclear how users will take to these changes. Twitter averaged 330 million monthly users during Q3, a paltry 1 percent improvement from Q2. Snapchat rose to 4.5 million daily users to hit 178 million total in the same quarter. That constitutes a growth of 3 percent.

But, these figures pale in comparison to Facebook, which boasts 2.07 billion monthly users; a reported growth of 16 percent.

Parent company Snap lost $443 million in the third quarter, sending its stock price into a steep decline.