January 27, 2022
bilingual Google Discover feed

Google is Beginning to Show more Bilingual Skills in Its Discover Feed

A bilingual Google Discover feed is starting to show up for some users within the interface, though it’s unknown what triggers its appearance…

Google has released more language tools lately. From including more languages in Gboard, to other instances, the company now supports more dialectics than ever.  

Bilingual Google Discover Feed Features Showing Up for Some Users

Now, a bilingual Google Discover feed is showing up for some users in various markets. When the interface first launched, Google announced support for English and Spanish in the United States. But, the company did not expound past them. (Although it was known to already be working on English and Hindi in India.)

Users located in Germany, France, and Russia all report they’re beginning to see articles in the feed display in English and German, French, and Russian, respectively.

What’s interesting — other than the fact it’s appearing at all — is the fact there’s no apparent way to manually switch it on. But, it is possible to disable it if it does show up in the feed.

This could be due to a server-side switch but it’s unsure at this time. In any case, it’s likely a test and might well be the forerunner to a wide roll out in the future.

Here’s a screenshot, which appeared on Android Police:

bilingual Google Discover feed screenshot
Credit: Android Police

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