April 28, 2021
Bill Gates' greatest mistake

Bill Gates Bemoans not Besting Android as His ‘Greatest Mistake’

Bill Gates’ greatest mistake? Not beating out Android in the mobile market, the famed entrepreneur and philanthropist reveals…

Speaking to¬†The Verge, Bill Gates says that his failure to outperform Android is his “greatest mistake.” That’s a gutsy admission and one that shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise.

Bill Gates Bemoans not Besting Android as His ‘Greatest Mistake’

Android first appeared in 2008, coming on the scene as a direct competitor and alternative to the iPhone, which debuted in 2007.

At the time, Microsoft retained its crown as the largest desktop software company. So, it should have put forth a sincere effort to jump into the market with its own mobile OS.

While the corporation did have a proprietary phone platform, Windows Mobile, it largely focused on keyboard and stylus inputs, which meant it was quickly left behind in the emerging touch experience. For years, Microsoft slumped along with a very small market share until it finally ended support for its OS in 2017.

Gates elaborated, explaining Android came in with the right strategy — to offer as much as possible. Gates said just having a few features isn’t enough and that it’s a net sum game, where it’s all or nothing.

“…the greatest mistake ever is whatever mismanagement I engaged in that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is.”

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