October 2, 2022

Bing Adds Facebook Activity to Sidebar

Bing Adds Facebook Activity to Sidebar
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Bellevue, WashingtonBing search just became a little more social, integrating Facebook activity into its sidebar. The move is intended to keep users engaged in search and social interaction simultaneously. The search engine is seeking to improve user experience and make everyday queries more robust and personalized.

Recently, the Bing Yahoo network surpassed and currently holds a significant advantage in five key search areas over rival Google. The deeper integration of social networking might help to improve that record.

Bing Brings More to the Search Experience

Bing has made a number of improvements to its UX or user experience over the past several months. Now, with the inclusion of Facebook in its sidebar, it can hold a user for a longer period of time, something social media has been able to accomplish since its inception.

“If you’re like us, it’s hard to keep up with what friends are posting on an ongoing basis, and harder still to search and find specific topics that your friends may have posted about. By bringing together Bing and Facebook, you have an easy way to complement your search with helpful, interesting or insightful content your friends have shared,” the search engine wrote in a blog post.

What Bing is attempting to do is to engage users on a more intimate level, which the search engine hopes will be a viable alternative to the landscape of organic search.

Bing Social Sidebar Timeline

In May of 2012, Bing introduced its social sidebar, dividing its organic search page into 3 columns: one query results, another a snapshot of a specific place or topics, and the last a social interaction panel. In August of last year, Bing updated its search page, allowing users to tag and find friends on Facebook and Quora. Then the search engine made another inclusion in September of 2012, Klout.

In April of this year, Bing began allowing users to pin images directly from its image search results page to Pinterest. And in May, the search engine placed Klout expert answer to the top of its results page.

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