December 8, 2021
Bing Ads’ ad quality

Bing Ads’ Ad Quality in Review 2016 Report: 130 Million Blocked

The Bing Ads’ Ad Quality in Review 2016 Report shows the search engine rejected 130 million ads last year, including 17 million tech support scam ads…

Last year, search engine Bing blocked 130 million ads and banned 175,000 advertisers from its platform, according to the company’s annual report. This represents a decline compared to 2015, when Bing Ads blocked 120 more bad ads. While this is an impressive figure, it’s a fraction of the 1.7 billion ads removed by Google in 2016.

Bing Ads’ Ad Quality in Review 2016 Report Reveals 130 Search Ads Blocked

Bing uses machine learning to help identify ads which run afoul of its advertising guidelines. “Managing the quality of our ads means we are constantly pushing boundaries of both these technologies. These methods are a perfect fit to help us spot malicious intent within the millions of ads we receive every day,” Darshat Shah, Liz Walsh and Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo explain.

The technology is so advanced, the team states if it took one person only a minute to detect a bad ad or advertiser, it would take “nearly 500 years to remove the same number of bad ads or actors found by our automated methods in 2016.”

Bing increased measures last year to detect browser hijacking, phishing, scareware and ads containing multimedia content. The company states it likewise enforces its own policies against gender to comply with country-specific laws and regulations.

Bing Ads’ Ad Quality in Review 2016 Report
Credit: Bing

In 2016, Bing Ads’ ad quality eliminated the following:

  • Over 5,000 advertisers and 7,000 websites blocked for phishing.
  • Over 1 million ads blocked selling counterfeit goods.
  • Over 17 million ads blocked for tech support scams.
  • Over 4 million ads blocked for violating download guidelines.
  • Over 300 advertisers blocked for scareware.
  • Another 7 million ads blocked for misleading content.

“As we make it harder for bad actors to show their ads, they will evolve to find new ways to continue their nefarious schemes. We are committed to remaining vigilant to ensure that our users are safe, and to deliver the best outcome for our valued advertisers across the Bing Ads marketplace,” Bing stated.

In January, Bing Ads Automated Google AdWords campaign import sync debuted. The search engine also increased its sitemap file limit in December.

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