January 12, 2022
Bing Ads bot

Bing Ads Bot being Built to Help Manage Campaigns

Although there is not yet an availability date for the new Bing Ads bot, marketers and businesses alike will soon have machine learning and AI to help…

Just a few weeks ago at the Bing Ads Next event David Pann, general manager of the search network, spoke extensively about the company’s technology initiatives. Chiefly, about their work in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and bots. An attendee asked about the Bing “Associate Account Manager in the Box” tool.

“Through our bots and artificial intelligence and our machine learning, and through just standard messaging, every customer should get an account manager. It won’t just tell you how you’re doing, but can make recommendations on what you should be doing to get better performance. We’re starting to build that,” Pann told Search Engine Land.

A Bing Ads Bot is Under Development to Assist in Search Marketing Campaigns Management

The fact of the matter is, automation is rapidly becoming a staple of digital marketing. Perceptions about it are changing and accepting bot technology, powered by machine learning and AI, is the way of the future.

“…an algorithm can do A/B testing on thousands of permutations so much faster than individuals. And the problem is not those individuals, it’s not that they’re not capable, it’s just that they don’t have time…I think people are realizing there’s so much to do and some of this is so labor intensive,” Pann explained.

There’s no question companies are moving forward with bots, though these remain in their infancy. Recently, Bing and Google increased their sitemap file limit size. The search engine also expanded its text ads globally in October.

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