January 13, 2022
Bing AMP implementation expands

Bing is Now Serving Up AMP in More Places as Google Loosens its Grip on the Technology

Bing AMP implementation expands as Google recently announced it would give over control of the technology to third-parties…

Google just announced it would cede control of AMP technology, opting for what it calls an “open governance model.” So, third-parties will wield the technology. Quickly following that announcement, Bing expanded its serving of AMP content.

Bing AMP Implementation Expands

Now, Bing mobile users in the United States will start seeing the familiar lightning bolt next to links on the SERP or search engine results page. (Previously, it was limited to the Bing app.) With the change, searchers will now see AMP content on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Although, the initial roll out is limited to the news carousel on Bing. However, the search engine plans to bring AMP content to more listings on the SERP in the future. Additionally, Microsoft will expand its AMP listings to other regions outside the U.S.

For those unfamiliar, AMP or accelerated mobile pages is a technology Google pioneered. It loads web pages in a fraction of the time regular mobile pages render. In fact, the median page-load time of a Google AMP page is very fast, just 1.4 seconds. (That’s compared to 5.3 seconds for standard mobile web pages.)

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