October 3, 2022
Bing copyright removal

Bing Copyright Removal Process Refined by the Search Engine

The Bing copyright removal process becomes more streamlined as the search engine adopts new procedures for website copyright removal notices and appeals…

Search engine Bing just updated its copyright removal system, giving webmasters more information and options in regard to intellectual property issues. Bing states in its continued effort to better user experience while also protecting the rights of intellectual property owners, the search engine refined its copyright removal process.

Bing Copyright Removal Process for DMCA Takedowns, More, Updated by the Search Engine

Bing states it’s acting on user feedback, particularly from webmasters who attempt to pinpoint alleged copyright infringement issues. In response, Bing is providing webmasters with more information by directing them to, “…see what pages on their site have been impacted by ‘copyright removal notices’ and appeal those decisions,” the Bing Webmaster Team explains.

A new appeals process is now available in response to DMCA takedowns (requests by intellectual property holders to remove content). The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, adopted World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO, and the United States in 1996, provides intellectual property owners recourse to protect their holdings.

“This new feature will provide webmasters with more visibility into how DMCA takedowns impact their site and gives webmasters the opportunity to either address the infringement allegation or remove the offending material.  All requests will be evaluated in a new appeals process.”

In March, Bing ended its keyword trademarks restrictions worldwide. The search engine also teamed up with Google and the U.K. Intellectual Property Office, to combat piracy search results. The joint effort’s goal is to identify sites engaging in copyright infringement, hosting illegal downloads. 

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