October 1, 2022
local business holiday hours

Bing to Display Local Business Holiday Hours

Search engine Bing will show local business holiday hours on its results page in real-time to keep consumers informed about operating days and times…

During this time of year, many local businesses will change their operating hours to accommodate consumers for the busy buying season. While some stores will expand their normal hours for many weeks, others will do so for a short time frame. That’s why search engine Bing plans to display real-time business hours for local merchants.

Local Business Holiday Hours to Appear through Bing

The Bing holiday hours feature will immediately launch on both desktop and mobile for this and all future holidays. “…fluctuating hours of operation make it difficult to plan shopping and dining outings. To help, Bing local is collaborating with business owners and trusted partners to get accurate holiday hours in real-time. When you search for local businesses, you’ll receive up-to-date changes for holiday hours, the Bing Team wrote on its blog.

This move comes after rival search engine Google began displaying real-time activity during business hours. The company continues to launch new features in an effort to gain more market share. In October, Bing expanded text ads went global, allowing marketers to create new campaigns on-site or through Google AdWords importing.

Globally, Google still leads with 75.2 percent market share, while Bing captures 8.4 percent. Chinese search engine Baidu takes 7.69 percent, while Yahoo global comes in at 6.88 percent. Ask, AOL, and Excite, have .24 percent, .11 percent, and .01 percent, according to Net Market Share.com. The remaining 1.47 percent are other lesser-used search portals.

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