January 15, 2022
Bing intelligent search features

Bing Hotel Booking Filter, Home Services Pricing, and Coupons now Appear on the SERP

New Bing intelligent search features are now out for hotel booking, home services pricing, coupons, and more on the SERP…

Bing just posted an announcement on its blog that it’s now offering what “intelligent search” features. The tool works for hotel searches, home cost and pricing guides, as well with surfacing coupons and deals.

“Today Bing is happy to announce the launch of new intelligent features designed to allow you to estimate and compare prices across multiple providers, give you insights to make the right trade-offs around price, and get more savings on products through a new deals experience – all built to help you save money.”

New Bing Intelligent Search Features go Live on the SERP

Now, Bing will display several helpful bits of information on these types of queries. First up is hotel accommodations. The search engine delivers a table or snippet with date range, prices, and booking options:

Bing hotel booking
Credit: Bing

Additionally, Bing brings up price trends, which gives searchers more information about pricing during specific dates. The tool also lets people compare hotels, showing location, amenities, fees, guest ratings, and more.

The search engine likewise provides more details related to home services, including average price, cost details, and more, pulled from various sources, such as Porch.com:

Bing cost guide
Credit: Bing

“…we built cost ranges to provide transparency for home services like sink installation costs and toilet repairs. These ranges show a visual distribution of prices, specific to your zip code so they’re tied to your location.”

Bing furthermore surfaces coupons and deals:

Bing coupons
Credit: Bing

“Bing now aggregates deals across first- and third-party listings then displays them when you search for retailers or coupons. We surface relevant insights like ‘expiring soon’, whether the offers are online or in-store only, and more.”

Check out all the information on the new intelligent search tools on Bing blog.

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