July 3, 2022
March Madness bracket builder

Bing Launches March Madness Bracket Builder

Search engine Bing released a helpful sports tool, a March Madness bracket builder, for basketball fans to create the best college hoops team brackets…

Microsoft search engine Bing announced a NCAA March Madness basketball bracket builder for fans of college hoops. “Bing Predicts may be the magic ingredient for making all your bracket dreams happen. We use our intelligent machine-learning technology to analyze social and search signals, plus more than a decade of college hoops statistical data to bring you insights on every single one of your picks,” The Bing Team wrote on its blog.

Bing Debuts NCAA March Madness Bracket Builder

The search engine states there are quintillions of methods for filling out brackets and is putting its machine learning to use. Fans can use Bing predictions to select their first round matchups. Once chosen, Bing provides forecasts and suggestions for subsequent rounds. 

Bing March Madness bracket builder
Credit: Bing

The Bing March Madness bracket builder tool works on mobile devices. “Our smarter bracket can work its magic on your phone as well with a fantastic mobile bracket experience. Download the Bing app and search “March Madness” to start swiping away at your bracket.” 

Fans can also follow their teams with the Bing Sportscaster bot on Facebook Messenger. Bing Predicts NFL postseason picks scored 5 – 3 for playoff results in January.

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