November 3, 2022
Bing Mobile App Visual Search Celebrity Doppelgangers

The Bing Mobile App now Lets Users find Their Celebrity Lookalikes

The Bing mobile app visual search tool can now pair up its users with their celebrity lookalikes, just by taking a selfie…

Search engine Bing has added a fun new feature to its mobile app. Just take a selfie and it will trigger a visual search tool which finds users’ celebrity lookalikes.

Bing Mobile App Visual Search Now finds User-Celebrity Doppelgangers

After taking a selfie, the visual search tool maps a few areas of the subject’s face. Then, it runs a search which compares it to celebrities with similar facial features. Bing announced the option on Twitter, with a quick video showing it in-action:

It’s yet another look into the capabilities of Bing’s visual search technology. The new feature might even be enough to convince some people to download the app, simply to try it out.

Bing launched its visual search back in June of this year for Android and iOS. 

The Bing visual search tool works much like its rival, Google Lens. (For those unfamiliar, Google Lens is a technology which allows users to capture an image and then search for it. For example, snapping a picture of an unknown flower, a sign in a foreign language, or an animal.)

With Bing visual search for mobile, users can simply snap a shot and then the tool will attempt to identify the subject. Just open the app, tap the camera button, take a photo, and let the Bing AI work.

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